Examples of hazards

Some examples of hazards (nuisance factors) you may be exposed to at your workplace:  

Caretaker's duties, cleaning:

  • toxic chemicals and cleaning products,
  • sharp objects in the waste,
  • blood on objects in the waste,
  • slippery floor.

Work in food service:

  • slippery floor,
  • hot kitchen equipment,
  • sharp objects, such as knives and meat mincers.

Work in the shop:

  • harassment (physical and verbal),
  • heavy loads to move,
  • repetitive movements when moving products over the scanner,
  • working in a standing position.

Work in the office:

  • harassment,
  • stress,
  • poor ergonomics of computer workplaces (unsuitable chair, desk, position of the screen, keyboard, etc.),
  • working long hours in a sitting position.

Provision of care:

  • contaminated blood and body fluids,
  • lifting and working in uncomfortable positions,
  • physical and verbal violence,
  • danger of slips and falls.


  • work in an uncomfortable position,
  • working long hours in a standing position,
  • allergy-causing chemicals in hair products.

Work in the factory:

  • dangerous machines (unprotected parts of machines),
  • tempo of work,
  • monotony of work,
  • danger of slips and falls,
  • dangers in transport in the workplace.
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