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Crucial crew - Crucial Crew Interactive is a computer-based version of real workshops developed for schoolchildren aged 8-11 in which they navigate through a game-like environment. They are presented with series of choices, and if they pick the wrong one, they might be blown up. The scripts include health, police, public emergency, electricity, fire, seaside and bus travel safety, and there's also an interactive quiz on safety.

Galaxy – website created for younger children featuring materials on how to stay healthy and safe.

Kidsmart – a practical internet safety programme website for schools, young people, parents and agencies, produced by the children's internet charity Childnet International. The resources include leaflets, posters, activity days and interactive games.

Lifebytes – fun materials for children about health, safety and other risks.

Health and Safety Quiz prepared by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board from Ontario, Canada: http://www.youngworker.ca/english/quiz.htm

Child Safety Week 2006 – sources and ideas for a child safety week  
Fire Safety – Fire safety for children in schools is vitally important. Take a look at some fire prevention measures, for pupils and teachers alike, prepared by the London Fire Brigade.

Technological clothes – Safe work with the European-designed »smart clothes«.

Heads Up – work smart, work safe  – for the past eight years, the Heads Up campaign designed by the Workers Compensation Board from Alberta, Canada has alerted young workers and their employers to the dangers of being a rookie on the job.

Concepts of Canadian Safety, Health and Environmental Practitioners (CSSE)

How safe is your job?  - an awareness campaign by the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board – WISB, Ontario, Canada

Safety in Restaurants – a comprehensive e-tool on health and safety in restaurants by the U.S. Department of Labor

Safety at Work – an online resource for workers under the age of 25, employers, unions, educators, parents and youth community groups

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