Have you ever thought about hazards and risks at work on your workplace?

Do you know your rights and duties?

Young workers, you probably do not think about hazards and risks at work on your work place. However, especially young workers at your age that start to work get injured most frequently.  Statistical data of European Union shows that the probability rate for the workers, aged between 18 and 24, to get injured at work, is 50% higher than for the other age groups. Luckily these injures are minor (finger cuts and bruises) but why should your first days of independency be connected with an injury or risks.

Safety and health at work is not just about boring rules and principals. Of course, the regulations are necessary but it is especially aimed at the fact that it has to be taken care of your safety and health at work, that your health should be protected, so that you will be able to enjoy your full life. Remember, you should not be exposed to risks at work.

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